In a digital world, we become essential

We are a digital studio capable of transforming an idea into a mind blowing project.

What we do

We are a Startup that gives companies specialized teams to transform any project into reality

We are a Startup that gives companies specialized teams to transform any project into reality

UX Analyst

UX Analyst

To define the usage diagrams of an app, define microflows, optimize interactions experience.

UI Design

UI Design

Transform sketches into mockups with an attractive interface. Until deliver the Project.



Create illustrations or animations in SVG, to fuse with UI to has a great design.

Team Lead

Team Lead

Understand the client's needs and coordinate the team to achieve all their expectations.

Our skills

We are a startup of 24 persons capable to create amazing things

We are UI/UX expertsWe are UI/UX experts
App design

We are UI/UX experts

Working for many industries like insurance, marketing, logistics, finance, retail, security, real estate, massive consumes, between others. Let us have the experience and flexibility needed in each industry.

We create amazing sitesWe create amazing sites

We create amazing sites

Being templates haters, using the newest technologies, being so fu*** creatives let us have today lot of sites successfully created. That goes together with all the communication strategy of a company.

We are marketing specialistsWe are marketing specialists

We are marketing specialists

Having a marketing company in the holding let us understand how to créate ads that achieve their goals. Thinking in every format like Gaming ads, Linkedin, Banners, Mailing, Whatsapp, Streaming, between others.

We know how to sell thingsWe know how to sell things

We know how to sell things

Understanding the UX of each consumer to resolve a specific necessity purchasing something let us asume today we know how to créate well-think marketplaces.

We are fanatics of gamesWe are fanatics of games

We are fanatics of games

Being a group of nerds with flexibility at work gives us time to play a lot of games thinking them as strict users. That is the real secret of our success in gaming UX.